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Happy New Year!

The last seven years, new years eve has been a day where I draw inwards. A day where I take stock of what has been, where I am and what comes next. It’s not intentional, it just happens. It’s like an automatic reflex of some sort. And I don’t mind, it gives me a chance to gain some much-needed perspective in an otherwise autopiloted life. Because that’s what tends to become of my life. I think it tends to happen to most of us.

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Song of the week!

This is a new band I stubled across, Globus, and I really do love this song. Gorgeous! Enjoy!

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Belated Song of the Week!

Well, I could not find a version of good quality of the song I initially was going to post so Ed Kowalczyk will have to wait as this will take it’s place instead. I just love the epicness! Thomas Bergersen is one of my favourite composers and has just released this beauty! Enjoy 😉

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Song of the week! 

Well, sometimes life feels like this.. No heartaches due to loveaffairs, but I sure could do with a brake in between disasters right now.. Maybe things will settle a bit soon so that I can get back to beeing creative..

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Song of these two weeks!

This one’s for my mom.. I love you so much! Everything will be alright!

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