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High Hopes

I had good intentions and high hopes for this blog, thinking that it might inspire and encourage me to be more creative and more consistent in my creations. Unfortunately I struggle to find peace of mind, motivation and inspiration when I have the time to be such.

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Another Manga Drawing.

Another Manga Drawing.

Well, it’s not much but it’s something. I’m fairly pleased with how this one turned out as well. Hopefully my practice drawings will give me something to work with to create something a little more original in the long run.

This is Felix! Enjoy! 😉

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Long time away! 

Long time away! 

Yes, well.. No song of the week, and not much worth posting about the last few months. But! I do bring creative results! Yay! My fist drawings in years, and for a first go while out of pratice and feeling like my hand won’t obey, I do have to say I’m pretty pleased with the end results. So here you go, my first manga inspired ‘humans’ that actually receives the honour of beeing displayed!

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Slow time..

Like always when I decide to do something like this, trying to keep up a blog or the likes, life happens. So lately it’s been a lot of different things making sure I either don’t get the time or completely forget about it. So for this post it will be my quirkyness and no arts, yet again.

I’m still hoping things will settle enough soon to give me peace and energy to do something worth putting up here, but for now I have exams, work and a busy homelife. Even the song of the week has been slightly off lately. Later today or by the end of tomorrow I’ll see if I can post something a bit more relevant, like my song or something else fun.

Have nice day!


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