Eela Evershade

Eela Evershade

Oh no! Introduction time!

Well, as you might have guessed, I’m Eela. That would be my working name at least. I’m an oddball from Norway and hit 29 for the second time, and celebrating that for the next thirty years or so. I have a part-time job in a dpartment store and finally finished my general degree last spring. Thankfully it’s over.

So what am I supposed to put on this blog, you ask? Equations? Grammar? Retail prices? Nah, too boring. When creativity hits me, combined with a general dose of motivation and some spare time and energy, I craft things. Or at least I start crafting things, that eventually is supposed to become a finished product. To mention a few things I draw, paint and write. I do clothing, jewelry and nic-nacs. I have no idea what’ll show up here along the way, but if you hang in there you’ll get to see.

I get my inspiration from everything around me, but music in particular. I’ve been thinking about doing a post about this, so more on this subject when that time comes.

Other than that, I’m not very exciting. Just a regular procrastinating artist, living at home with her parents trying to figure out life, and getting an education that’ll give me a descent paid job doing something I like.

More interests and info will be added in near future, but right now it’s 01:30 here and I’m too tired to put anything legible here..


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